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Roland Flemm

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Professional Scrum Trainer, Scrum Master and Agile Organisational Design Consultant

Roland: “I started in 1984 as a Cobol developer. In 2001 I moved to the support and maintenance field and worked with mostly IBM Application Server products. I worked as an IBM product support specialist (implementation and maintenance of WebSphere application server, portals, process server and infrastructure components).

In 2009 I switched to a new career in Scrum and Agile. I am now a proud member of the 350 globally certified Professional Scrum Trainers for I provide training throughout Europe. My main focus is Agile organization design coaching and I support agile adoptions in various industries. I love speaking at international conferences and publish articles regularly. The core of my approach is to put people first, learn by doing and innovate with common sense.

I set high standards for myself and for the services I deliver to my customers. The field of Agile and Scrum is constantly evolving. I closely follow new trends and actively participate in a wide network of leading Agile experts. This enables me to offer you the latest techniques and insights.”

Статьи в блоге

Что нужно для устойчивой Agile трансформации

Я работаю в «бизнесе трансформации». Точнее, в бизнесе Agile трансформации. Ценность, которую я собираюсь доставить, такова: усовершенствовать внутреннюю организацию компаний, чтобы те могли лучше воплощать свои мечты в жизнь.

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