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Agile Friday: All you wanted to know about LeSS. Guest: Dr. Wolfgang Richter

Гость нашей Agile Friday – Вольфганг Рихтер, CEO, JIPP.IT GmbH, один из нескольких сертифицированных в мире LeSS-тренеров. Он имеет более 20 лет опыта в качестве коуча, работает с методами Scrum и Agile с 1998 года, с LeSS - с 2009.

Говорим о Large-Scale Scrum, его особенностях и внедрении: как начать LeSS трансформацию, как понять, что компания к ней готова, нужны ли менеджеры в этом процессе и много других важных вопросов.

Question list

2:12 Why LeSS?
4:43 Did you try something else but LeSS?
5:19 Are there good tools in other frameworks we can use in LeSS?
7:07 What was your biggest experiment?
7:57 How to start LeSS Transformation?
13:13 How to engage people inside of LeSS transformation?
14:31 How to make people start thinking in another way of product creation?
17:11 What was the most challenging for you to start LeSS?
18:23 Is there any kind of checklist to understand that the company is ready for LeSS?
19:03 How to identificate that company is actually does the transformation and doesn’t imitate it?
21:26 What is going to be first - to build the culture or to build the environment?
22:47 Most of the big organizations are pretty functional, fragmented and focused on the one person and his skills. They think that in one featured team we need to collect all organizational structure. What should we do with that?
25:34 When organizations start doing Agile multiple teams, they start “scaling Agile in the organization”. But in LeSS we don’t wanna scale?
27:21 What do you focus on at the beginning of the transformation?
28:43 What about the phrase “keep managers away”?
30:28 What you suggest to do for the managers in the Agile organization?
32:35 Have you ever saw the managers who start to be the players inside the co-functional teams?
34:06 We start LeSS with education and we educate people in Scrum. Is that enough? What we also can have in this education?
35:13 What role do you prefer?
37:26 Do you need to know Scrum for doing LeSS?
39:10 How many teams one Product Owner can work with?
42:12 What was the most right and the most wrong decision you’ve ever made during the LeSS transformation?
43:26 Is it possible to make LeSS in the situation when there is the part of a team is outsourcing?

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