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Agile Friday: Agile in banking. Guest: Thomas Joham

Гость этого выпуска Agile Friday – Thomas Joham, Senior Agile Coach в Raiffeisen Bank International.

Мы говорим про Agile в банкинге, его преимущества и вызовы, и об особенностях внедрения трансформаций в банковской сфере.

Question list
0:30 Why Agile in a bank?
2:36 Why banks should change something on the top? What is the real competition on the market in Europe?
8:54 Top 3 challenges when you start an Agile Transformation?
11:35 How business works with IT? How to overcome “business vs IT” confrontation?
19:20 Whom we need to have on board to start agile?
21:25 Can you do Agile transformation without support from the bottom?
22:10 How to collect volunteers in a big bank?
24:00 What was your biggest success and the biggest fail?
28:29 Do you have the most enjoyable tools from Agile frameworks?
38:01 Who is the good PO in a bank? Who might be the good SM?
41:33 How to identify the product?
45:12 What tools banks use to identify customer needs?
52:10 A lot of systems for one product. A team might be 20+ members. How do you handle this?
56:00 We have a lot of support role. Who is the most challenging amount them and the hardest to jump into Agile?
59:38 Community of practice. Do you have them? How many?
1:03:28 What is the benefits of using Agile?
1:06:10 What about the project office?
1:07:39 What are the steps to start Agile transformations in banks?

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